Today will be marked as a golden day in the history of education in Ahmedabad. Udgam School, one of the best schools in the city, completes her Golden Jubilee year! 
50 years ago Udgam School was founded in a small building with only a handful of students. The school flourished with the years and today as we celebrate our 50th anniversary we cannot help but look back at the journey of Udgam over the years. Amidst changes in all possible spheres, what has kept us going and excelling is our Unique Udgam culture. 
Unique Udgam culture doesn't comprise one thing alone. It is a cumulative effect of everything that occurred over the past 50 years. It is a blend of innovation with tradition. It is a combination of age old values and technology. It is the trust that change is the only constant. It is the belief that people come first, be it our teachers, students or parents. It is the faith that a school is not made by walls but by breaking boundaries.
We are indebted to all who contributed to our unique Udgam culture and all who have been associated with Udgam School, past and present.
A celebration was held in our school auditorium which was attended by all teachers, Principal Ms. Radhika Iyer, Director of Primary School Ms.Pratima Patell, Head of Preschool Mrs. Villoo Parikh and Executive Director Mr. Manan Choksi. In an emotionally charged atmosphere the heads and senior teachers spoke about their experience over the past decades focussing mainly on ‘what has remain unchanged in Udgam’. The travel down memory lane was a beautiful experience not without episodes of humour. Mr. Manan Choksi took the audience on a different ride speaking on the 50 years to come.
Here you will find some glimpses of the function.