On 20th December 2014, some students of Class IX were taken on a visit to “Sriram Polymers” and “Milan Agro”. This visit was under the aegis of Gujarat State Plastic Manufacturers Association. This was the next phase of a workshop on recycling of plastic following which students had collected plastic disposables from their homes. This visit was arranged to show them how the plastic waste that they had collected had been put to good use.
At Sriram polymers, students got a knowhow on the process of segregation and the indexing of plastics. They also observed the processes of cleaning, aglo, drying and grinding of the plastics. The final process of melting and heating of the plastics and moulding them into wires and their sizing into granules was very interesting to observe.
The visit to the second factory revealed what the granules formed from the recycled plastics was being used in. The processes in the second factory included: selection of the granules, moulding, assembly, finishing and packaging .The factory visit was followed by a session in which the factory owners, GSPMA officials and all the participants discussed the various aspects of recycling which was followed by a prize distribution ceremony. 
The visit was indeed very enriching, informative and fruitful.