Gujarati Workshop for Educators

The most interesting fact about Gujarati Language is that it is spoken by  66 million speakers all over the globe. This fact has stirred the minds of the academicians and it becomes necessary for the educationists to enhance the instructional tools and programs for examination and evaluation within the education system.


Udgam School for Children organised a workshop on ‘Importance of Gujarati language in academic curriculum’. The day started with informative lectures and teachings on the importance of language, its history and its use in schools. There was a discourse on the topic the ‘Roots of Mulaakshar’ in Gujarati , which talked about the importance of sequence of letters in Gujarati and its role in creating the perfect script.


The session imparted various techniques to teachers to make the classroom teaching effective and innovative. Ideas to enhance the four skills- Reading, writing, Speaking and Listening were highly appreciated. The brainstorming session with instructor gave a wide range of medium to teachers to occupy the unrest minds of the students inside the classroom.

Grammar was another subtopic, which was dealt effectively by the facilitator. The interactive discussion gave the teachers a bird’s eye view of micro topics like spelling, Sandhi rules, rules on anuswaar etc.


The workshop cumulatively contributed to help teachers of Udgam School for children and Zebar School for Children  to shape the instructional program of Gujarati at various levels in school teaching.