Talking Titans

Developing communication and oratory skills is an essential virtue in today’s times. To hone the confidence level of our students of Grade 1, a special activity ‘Talking Titans’ was organized in which every student had to choose a topic and speak on it. Keya ma’am trained the students by showing them TED talk videos, explaining to them about body language and how to remain confident while speaking in front of an audience. Each participant who spoke in the class received a certificate of appreciation. After the initial class activity, teachers selected some students from each section to speak on stage in the auditorium. During the selection process, teachers were in a dilemma as each speaker was almost equally good.  Today, the final event was held with the selected speakers in the presence of the VP, supervisor and other teachers, at the school auditorium. As young as grade 1 students exuded excellent poise while talking in front of a larger audience, devoid of any hesitation or cold feet. Some of the interesting topics that the children spoke on are Robinhood army, Optical Illusion, Virtual classes, Power of prayer, Time management, Punctuality, Success among many more interesting matters. They impressed the audience with their right gesticulations, proper intonation and pronunciation. Some of our speakers even asked questions to their friends in the audience and received roaring replies. Last but not least, we would like to thank the parents for guiding the students and encouraging them to partake in ‘Talking Titans’. It was indeed a very successful event that received a lot of appreciation from one and all.