The process of life is easy to understand through activities like Seed Germination. Students of Class I were involved in an activity in which they planted seeds in small pots to begin with. Then they kept the pots out in the sunlight and watered the pots everyday (during the period of school closure last week our school peon watered them). Lo! Behold! The seeds sprouted to produce small plants that grew bigger by the day. In fact right now you can see the beautiful plants that are a part of the effort made by the children. The little ones are very proud of their pots and are taking great care to ensure that they thrive properly. This activity not only taught them the process of life but also helped to instill the value of responsibility. Of course love for nature is an added benefit of the activity. We hope that the little gardeners can have their own patch or pots at home too as it can be a very rewarding hobby.