Tips to make Parenting Easy

We all strive to provide the best of everything to our children. From feeding them in the finest restaurants in the city to getting them admitted to the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad, we make sure not to make a compromise when it comes to nurturing them. However, when it comes to building a connection with them, our dilemma often rules us.

Here are some tips that will help you overcome the dilemma and help in parenting:

Be aware of your Hot Buttons and Strengths.
The more you sensitize and understand reactions and emotions, the better you’ll be able to manage your behavior the next time a “situation” occurs. We have fewer parental regrets when we respond thoughtfully.

Take Good Care of Yourself!
Parents at times are tired, stressed, overwhelmed and overworked. It is tough under these circumstances to respond as the caring, loving parent you are. The simplest and most effective way of taking care of yourself is by focusing on your breathing. As you breathe deeply and calmly, you start a healing process that affects your body, mind and spirit.

Be a Model for your Children.
Children learn from what we do, not from what we say. If you want them to have strong self-esteem, be sure that yours is even stronger. If you want them to be loving & kind, be the same yourself. If you want them to take responsibility for their actions, be responsible in your own life.

Each Child is Special.
As it seems, each child possesses unique qualities, characters, and spirits. We should adapt our behavior as per the child’s uniqueness and individuality to have a better relationship with them.

Turn your Problems into Learning Opportunities.
Regardless of their age, kids can get involved in offering solutions to problems. As maturity is a gradual process, we need to provide them with as many opportunities as possible.

Set Limits.
Limits are necessary for kids to understand the extent to which they should pursue their actions. It is like a fence that helps children learn that it is safe to play in the yard. Adults should put up these fences, as initially, children are too young and inexperienced to do it by themselves.

Pen Down the House Rules.
House rules for a well-functioning family act similar to job descriptions and organizational policies for successful companies. By planning, we can include every family member in the decision making and reduce daily stress.

Envision the family you want.
How do you want your children to behave? What do you expect from yourself? How do you want your home to look? What kind of future do you want? The more you envision and design the desired outcome, the more likely it is to happen.

Every time you are with your children, you can appreciate them, tell them how much you love them and how happy you are to have them as a part of your life. A touch, a look, a gesture or a word can express the deep caring and connection you have with them.

Parenting is a process, where your child as well as you, both learn. The role of your child being in the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad will be an add-on for sure. So, keep an eye on each of your actions and reactions and enjoy the beautiful journey.

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