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Sure Shot Tricks to Help Your Child Focus Better on Their Daily School Routine

CBSE board school in Ahmedabad

CBSE board school in Ahmedabad
The academic environment has become highly competitive and demanding for children. For that matter, the transition from online to offline mode of study has been equally challenging for most children. One of the first challenges children, parents, and teachers face are getting children to follow a daily school routine.

An ideal leading CBSE board school in Ahmedabad will ensure that the transition for students is smooth and enjoyable. On that note, here we share a few tips and tricks that can help improve children’s focus on their daily school routine.


• Work and Play Balance:

Even though the general understanding says that students studying at a CBSE school in Ahmedabad need to focus on Academics, we would like to differ.

No doubt, there is no compromising on a child’s academic bent, but what is equally important is to introduce balance. The first step towards improved focus is encouraging children to try multiple activities, multitask, and get their fair share of breaks and playtime.


• Group Activities and Networking:

As a parent or a teacher, if you are witnessing a child getting distracted often, you can try engaging the child with others in their close circle. For instance, you can introduce children to group activities, wherein they do not just enjoy the company of their classmates but also build meaningful learning routines in the process. As a well-known CBSE board school in Ahmedabad, we, at Udgam School ensure this point is ticked on our list.


• Allow them to have their own learning pace

One of the forefront reasons that prevent children from focusing well on their daily school life is the pressure of catching up with others. It is vital to understand that the grasping power and learning capacities differ from child to child. This factor only means your child may be a fast learner, while another child may be learning comparatively slow.

The moment children feel free from the burden of comparisons and the pressure to meet unrealistic expectations, it is not far that they start showing up more attentively in their daily school routine.


• Working around micro-tasks:

It is natural for children to feel overwhelmed, especially when a complex task comes before them. The first thing they wish to do in such situations is to quit. No doubt, abandoning and focusing don’t go hand in hand.

If you have observed such behaviour among your children, then a wise way out is to build smaller tasks. Say your child has to achieve Goal A. What you can do here; is provide your child with a breakdown of the step-by-step procedure that needs to be followed to reach the final goal.

This aspect will ease your child to focus on individual tasks and imbibe concentration.


• The act of ‘Listening’:

Many a time, children may be working on improving their focus levels. However, they may be having trouble, such as an inability to understand a subject or teaching style, or in more severe cases, may be suffering from a lack of self-confidence.

In such a scenario, all you need to do as a parent is hear your child out. Give your child the time and attention they deserve, and together work out a way to tackle these problems and ultimately; improve their focus levels.


Concluding Words:

If you have been living under the impression that focus is a challenging trait to build in children, think again. A little effort from your child is not far before your child learns to focus on their daily school routine.

The CBSE schools in Gujarat, like the Udgam School for Children, encourages children to express and learn to focus, while working out ways to come up with solutions to address such woes.

Ideal schools will help to raise your children into rooted and well-groomed individuals, keeping holistic attention on their emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being.

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Useful Strategies Employed by Schools to Enhance Their Reputation

Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Today’s schools are much more than merely teaching and research sites. They play a crucial part in the development and future of their communities since they are an integral part of them and serve as students’ homes away from home.

As the Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad, we believe that a school’s reputation rests on its identity, the level of service they provide for your conscious and unconscious choices, and the evaluations supplied by parents. These evaluations show how your institution compares to the other CBSE schools in Gujarat.


Why is maintaining a reputation important?


1. Enrolment and retention numbers: Parents and students believe that the institution’s reputation is highly important as that can play a significant role in helping them get into their desired streams and ultimately a dream job. A negative reputation will cause the students to enrol with your competitors instead.

2. Hiring the best faculty: As the Best English Medium School In Ahmedabad, we believe in hiring only the best faculty for our children. These teachers impart quality education compared to no other. Thus, attracting more students and a better reputation.

3. Focus and vigilance: Reputation needs to be managed both online and offline. It takes focus, dedication, and constant vigilance to make it happen. Years’ effort may be destroyed if an unpopular opinion or a post with poor word choice is shared. Hence, it is essential to stick to the academic world as much as possible.


How do schools enhance their reputation?


  1. Schools listen to their students and parents

Getting honest student and parent feedback is crucial for enhancing reputation. Surveys are a fantastic way to receive feedback. In surveys, schools may ask many questions to obtain insightful information. They may also ask the respondents to rank other institutions they are thinking about on the same criteria for a meta-analysis.

  2. Schools leverage social media

Schools use social media marketing to promote their brand online and stay on top of potential reputational problems. To get people’s attention, it’s a good idea to publish tons of educational information on all social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, and make memes.

Your material should be timely, engaging, and thought-provoking to outperform the competition. By increasing your school’s online visibility, you build credibility and draw attention to the elements that align with your goal and overarching statement. It is about creating a positive atmosphere.

  3. SWOT analysis

For schools to boost their reputation, research is essential. For instance, as the Best School in Ahmedabad Near Thaltej, we think doing a SWOT analysis would help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

You may adjust your marketing messaging based on these revelations to set yourself apart from your rivals. It is hard to be a respected institution in every subject with no defects, so focus on your special talents and niches through in-depth study and using key data.

  4. Have an adaptable strategy

Emphasise academic offerings and student experience. Deliver on the ‘promise’ you promised when enrolling students. Avoid falling behind. Keep your courses updated to reflect the shifting landscape of higher education and the economy.

It is important to consider the expanding effects of globalisation. Besides creating new academic disciplines, schools must provide accommodations for unconventional students. Your school must make an effort to manage these changes to improve brand positioning and reputation effectively.

  5. By improving engagement levels

Schools also improve their reputation by creating a sense of belonging, not only in the students but also in the staff. This way, students and the teaching staff work harmoniously and complete daily tasks together. Naturally, if they are happy to be there, they will only put out good words for the school.

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Tricks To Help Your Child Focus on Studies Post-Pandemic

Ahmedabad Top 10 Schools - Child Focus on Studies Post-Pandemic

Ahmedabad Top 10 Schools - Child Focus on Studies Post-Pandemic

Even a minor life event can disturb and shake the focus of anyone, and the pandemic has affected not just children but also adults to much extent. The long-drawn lockdowns and the fear of the virus have kept us indoors for lengthy periods, with all the work and studies shifting from physical to online. In such a scenario, the impact on the children has been skewered in many ways, one of them being the loss of focus and the will to study.

Blaming the children for this loss of focus would be wrong and bring down their morale further, perhaps resulting in an aversion to studies. We all know that going back to school and studying after vacations seems like a huge task, and the pandemic has been a long vacation for the kids despite their online classes by Ahmedabad Top 10 Schools. So, what you need is understanding and patience, which will help bring back their focus and interest in studies.

If you have managed to stay in during the pandemic by maintaining a certain degree of discipline and structure, it will not be a tedious task to help your child focus on studies. Returning to physical school can be both exciting and scary for the child after getting used to taking it easy at home for a long time.

Here are a few tricks and methods to make the return to school with their focus back to studies easier.

  • Conversations: Conversations are important to stay connected with your child. Involve your child in discussions and conversations concerning their well-being and life. Remind them of the joys of returning to school, which is one of the best amongst Ahmedabad’s top 10 schools, and studying with their friends sitting beside them. The comfort of interacting with their teachers and classmates face to face instead of having to connect via screens. Make these conversations fun and lively by refreshing their joyful moments at school, their academic progress and other activities & achievements in studies, extra curriculum or sports.
  • Setting Goals: Sit with your child to chart out achievable goals. The period for accomplishing these goals can be set as per the child’s enthusiasm or lack of it. Goals help immensely in bringing back the focus. Ask your children what they want to accomplish by the end of their academic year and set timelines accordingly.
  • Partnering: Along with helping your child set goals, you will also need to match their stance, making this a team effort where each player is working towards fulfilling their responsibility and tasks. This will reassure your child greatly, making them feel that they are not alone. Studying and attending school regularly might seem like a burden now, and this partnership will ease the heaviness by making it fun. Set timelines where you both can share your progress towards your individual goals.
  • Gratification: You can promise or set rewards at various stages towards achieving the goal/s. The rewards can be both tangible and intangible. For example, a family trip to a place your child would love to visit or spending more quality time with the parents and indulging in your child’s favourite games and activities.
  • Stay connected: A beneficial interest of the parents in their children’s studies and everyday life makes the children feel seen and valued. Make sure to keep aside a special time every day for your child to catch up on each other’s day. This connectivity will boost their confidence and level of security while making them feel loved and cherished, which will do wonders for their seriousness and focus on their studies.
  • Group studies and playdates: Connect with the parents of your child’s closest friends and set up sessions of group studies followed by playdates every weekend. The parents can take turns chaperoning and supervising the kids’ study time and playtime. You can request the school directory for their contact details from all of Ahmedabad’s top 10 schools.

The most important point to remember is never to let your child feel alienated and alone. The transition from the online study from home to back-to-school routine can be difficult and seem daunting to the child. Therefore, you need to hold your child’s hand to assure them that they are not alone and to boost their confidence and power. You can also refer to the online suggestions listed by the Ahmedabad school list for further guidance.

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Procedure for High School Admission in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad High School Admission Procedure

Ahmedabad High School Admission Procedure

Of all the boards, CBSE is one of the finest boards in our country, as it has a comprehensive and well-designed curriculum covering all necessary aspects for the holistic development of the students.

Now that you have zeroed in on the right CBSE school for your child, the next step is the admissions. Knowing the proper process for admissions beforehand will prepare you to address and be ready with all the required details and documents to avoid any surprise requirements catching you unaware. Check the government guidelines regarding the eligible age for the child’s admission and begin the admission process accordingly and following the guidelines.

Ahmedabad high school admission process is relatively easy and more so with the schools guiding and counselling you through the process. The basic procedure for admission in high school, both pre-admission and during admission, are as follows:

  • Fill the Registration Form: Study the school’s website and fill out the registration form. The admission team will then contact you and help you with the further process.
  • Interaction: The admission department will fix an appointment with the Admissions Committee for the interaction, the basis on which the shortlisting will be done. Interaction is mandatory to assess the child’s knowledge level, as the committee can dually advise the best learning process for the child.
  • Visit the Campus: As you visit the school for the interaction, you can also ask the Admission Coordinator to take a tour of the school premises, facilities, check out the extra-curricular activities and the infrastructure supporting the activities and classrooms. You can further put all your queries and doubts to the admissions counsellor, and they will be adequately answered and resolved.
  • Admission Form: Fill in and submit the CBSE School Admission form and attach essential documents The admission form requires basic information regarding the child and the parents such as name, permanent address, birth date, contact details, parent’s qualifications and occupation.
  • Scholarship: This is also the time to check out the school’s policy and eligibility criteria on scholarships, and you can apply for a scholarship to support the child’s education. Scholarships are for deserving students based on academics, talent, sports, and students from low economic backgrounds. The schools usually have multiple scholarships offering various levels of scholarship.
  • Fee Payment: Once the admission and selection process is over and your child has procured admission in the school, it is time for depositing the fee for the 1st term. The schools have an easy payment procedure with all details of the fee structure listed for your understanding and convenience. It is always best to pay the fee at the beginning of the term to avoid any lapses or inconveniences later on.
  • Important Documents: The mandatory documents required for admission and to be attached with the admission form:
    1. Birth Certificate of the child
    2. Proof of Residential Address
    3. Passport size photograph of the child
    4. Medical Certificate from the paediatrician or family doctor.
    5. Transfer Certificate: If your child is changing schools or has moved from another city, the school will need a transfer certificate from the previous school.

Once the admission is through, prepare your child to begin going to school. The school will guide you regarding the school uniform and books, stationery etc., including any material required for the activities the child has opted for or part of the child’s annual curriculum.

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5 Essential Qualities of an Ideal CBSE School

Qualities of an Ideal CBSE School in Ahmedabad

Qualities of an Ideal CBSE School in Ahmedabad

Schools are the first most important step in a child’s formative years, forming a solid and sound foundation. Thus, understand the priorities about the kind of education you want to provide your child and find the right school that aligns with your vision. A good school believes in guiding and educating their students to develop comprehensively, for which an all-round education is a prerequisite. In India, the education system is governed and supervised by multiple education boards like the CBSE, ICSE, State Boards. Since the past few years, the IGCSE and IB boards have also entered the field of education in India.

The CBSE board is a long-standing board with a comprehensive and holistic approach towards education among all the education boards. The board focuses on academics and firmly believes in extra-curricular activities as an intrinsic and imperative part of students’ education and formation as confident and intelligent individuals.

Since this is the time in Ahmedabad for high school admission, below are mentioned the 5 defining qualities of an ideal CBSE school and why you should choose a CBSE affiliated school for your child.

1. Well-defined Curriculum: The CBSE board being a pan India board with its presence in all states and union territories with numerous schools subscribing to the board, their curriculum is well defined. The curriculum has been prepared to consider our country’s varying levels and cultures and is easier to comprehend as well as to adapt by the students. The curriculum focuses on all-round development inclusive of academics, sports, activities, social and environmental awareness. The annual division of semesters supported by the unit tests system and examination assures quality education to the students. Precise goals and objectives upheld by a well-designed structure are vital for an ideal CBSE school.

2. Excellent Infrastructure: The best facilities in a well-designed infrastructure are imperative for faculty and students’ conducive as well as productive environment. A CBSE school makes sure the best possible facilities are provided and maintained, including the remuneration of the faculties, along with their regular training to stay on par with the changes in keeping with global standards. The students are looked after equally, focusing on their well-being, behaviour, involvement in various activities, and academic performance.

3. Sports and Activities: The holistic approach of the CBSE board makes sure the best schools facilitate the inclusion of multiple sports and activities that is mandatory for all students. The firm belief behind this approach is the all-round development of a child’s mind leading to a sound foundation. While sports teach the importance of physical fitness backed by healthy eating and lifestyle, it also helps develop teamwork with interactive social capabilities while honing reflexes. The other activities bring the holistic development of creative faculties through art, dance, theatre, and debates. Activities like social service and environmental awareness through excursion trips and interactions with various organisations ignite and develop their compassion, instilling a sense of responsibility and helpfulness.

4. Wellness and self-awareness: The best CBSE schools have regular classes educating students about personal hygiene, health and nutrition, and holistic practise like yoga, martial arts, and meditation for self-awareness. These practices majorly help teach them how to practice staying calm and focused even during stressful times. This trait particularly has become very important now, considering the immense stress the children go through for their exams and their academic performances, as the world becomes more competitive and exacting in its expectations.

5. Trained & Qualified Faculty: The CBSE board keeps a steady watch and is actively involved in developing their schools’ faculty. The best CBSE schools ensure their teachers are well qualified and understand the need to connect with their students to provide quality education. The schools offer regular workshops and training for their teachers to state up to date with the latest teaching methods globally. As per the board, every CBSE school must have an in-house guidance counsellor who is available for resolving any emotional, psychological and mental issues of the students. Schools are secondary homes for the students, and the best CBSE schools maintain a conducive and friendly environment encouraging the learning and growth of their students and teachers.

Choosing the Best CBSE School in Ahmedabad would be a prudent decision if you want the holistic development of your child. So, what keeps you waiting, admit your child by filling out the CBSE school admission form today.

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How To Start Teaching English to Your Children Right from Infancy?



The English language is the undeclared global language. The link between people from different countries, cultures, businesses, professions and ethnicities. Thus, it becomes imperative to know the language well to get by and succeed in the progressing global community. English is also the medium of education in the best educational institutions globally, including India.

Raising your child to be a global citizen requires an early introduction to English. This factor will familiarise the child with the language and instil the correct usage and pronunciation, building a sound base for the language. Schools in Ahmedabad recognise the value of English, more so when they are English medium schools. The English medium schools impart education of all the subjects, except Hindi and foreign languages, in English. This reason necessitates a strong understanding of the language itself.

The best schools in Ahmedabad have well qualified and trained English teachers with a comprehensive syllabus covering all the nuances and aspects of the language. The language is taught through multiple methodologies that include both theory and activities. Recitation, debates, enactment of chapters/plays in the textbooks, storytelling, creative writing, and more are some methods for teaching English.

Best English medium school in Ahmedabad impresses on beginning the English education early, from their prep/nursery standards in school. It is better if the teaching begins earlier than this at home. Parents should ideally introduce and familiarise their tiny tots by making it a practice to make English a part of their lives. We enlist a few pointers as to how you can give an early start to your child in the English language.

Converse in English: Include English in your day-to-day conversations. We all chatter with infants, even though they do not understand words. But what they do understand is the sound, the tone and the music. Yes, words have a musical lilt, and different languages have different tones and beats. You will notice the difference in the notes between your mother/native tongue and English. Introduce your baby to the sounds of English, beginning with easy essential words.

Music: You can also make a conscious choice to play English rhymes and songs around your baby. Recite nursery rhymes and, if possible, lullabies in English to your baby, along with reciting in your native language.

Storytelling: Reading is one of the best habits and joys you can instore in your child, and what better way to do so than via storytelling. Make it a ritual of reading stories to them at night. Try to show them the pictures in the book; babies find colours fascinating. The storytelling will accustom them to English but the stable tone while reading out the books also soothes them. Bonus is that they will grow up surrounded by books and reading will become a part of their routine as they watch parents enjoying reading.

Vocabulary: As your baby grows, so does its ability to identify and absorb words. Expand the vocabulary by introducing English names of family relations, meals, toys, etc. For example – father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, aunty, sister, apple, banana, rice, etc.

Playschool: Find a good playschool near your home and send your child to the school as soon as it turns 2, as it is a good age for the child to begin discovering the world outside its home and the company of other children. The time at preschool will be beneficial in helping the child discover their own identity away from the ever-present and protective care of their mother/parents, learning how to make friends, sharing attention, space and things with others. At the playschool, children also learn recognising alphabets and words – identifying pictures with their names and understanding sentences and instructions in English by the teachers.

Introducing to English is as important as introducing your baby to the family, home and immediate world around them. So, begin early, and make English a part of your family just as your native language is an intrinsic part. Learning a new language is always a positive accumulation. It is akin to adding a new skill set to your life. Still, with a broader and more significant impact and importance on the world, you are preparing your child to lead a happy and successful life and develop a strong personality and mind.

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How can you Choose the Best CBSE School for your Child?

Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad

Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad

Parents want the best for their children and strive hard to provide the best of facilities and education to them. Admissions to schools have become more competitive and taxing now, with the increase in population and the general competitiveness in the world, dynamic systems, quality education and the expectations come with this as part and parcel. Our country has multiple education boards, of which CBSE is the most widely spread and popular education board across India for its holistically comprehensive approach towards education. CBSE schools in Gujarat are at par with the schools in metropolitan cities with their quality of education because of the uniformity of the board’s curriculum and well-designed system followed by all schools affiliated with the CBSE board.

The admissions for the new session are active at present and choosing the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad can be a perplexing decision. Even though the schools follow the CBSE board curriculum, their mode of education and activities offered can differ in quality, effectiveness and child’s connectivity to the system.

Thus, choosing the right fit for your child is important by understanding the parameters you should look for while looking for a school for your child.

1. Past Performance and Reputation: Beginning the search for the right school for your child by doing research is a sensible and important step. The availability of the internet has made researching easier, search for past academic results – covering past few years. Read up on the school’s performance in sports and activities at various inter-school competitions. Read the reviews by both parents and students, and you can also ask around in your area or community to talk to the parents and students personally. This will not only provide insight into the extent of the curriculum being followed but also the quality of academics, sports and activities being offered at the school.

2. Modes of Education: CBSE stresses both – theoretical and practical modes of education, as the system is based on the belief system of providing practical knowledge and experience for an in-depth growth of the students. The two-pronged approach helps prepare the students to face real life with a hands-on practical understanding with the development of lateral thinking which is important to make children logical and goal-oriented. The school must have the facility and practise for practical education with well-appointed laboratories, library, regular excursion trips, on-field education – ably overseen and conducted by a qualified and trained faculty. Multi-disciplinary learning is important.

3. Infrastructure and facilities: A well-appointed and functioning infrastructure adds to the quality and atmosphere of the school. The state-of-the-art facilities help in making teaching and learning more interesting and pleasant yet providing a secure sense of well-being and care to the students and faculty alike. Also check if the school authorities are vested in maintaining their infrastructure on regular basis, as shoddy gadgets and buses can compromise safety apart from making learning an unpleasant experience.

4. Diversity: Exposure to students from varying walks of life, cultures and communities enlightens the children to a wider perspective and understanding, inculcating acceptance and compassion which are imperative for finding the foundation of a sensible individual and citizen. This exposure also adds to the learning by introducing children to the multi-cultural secular diversity of our country. As per government directives, it is mandatory for schools to have 25% seats for children from the lower strata whose education is sponsored by the schools and states. The inter-mingling of multiple strata is important for a comprehensive and intensive development of children as aware individuals and citizens.

5. Fee structure as per FRC: The school must adhere to the fee structure set by the CBSE board. Some schools are known to add extra costs to the fee and also charge through the academic year for various in-house activities. Check the expenses involved and choose a school that takes education seriously and does not prioritise the institution as a business venture.

6. Security: The times we live in call for a good security system in place in the schools. Schools are second homes for the children where they should feel safe and secure. Assure the sincerity and stringiness of the security protocols followed by the school both within the school buildings, transport system, within the premises and the area around the school. It is always best to be vigilant and exacting when it comes to safety standards.

7. Well-being of the students – Some schools care for the overall well-being of the students. While some schools may have in-house clinics to provide instant care to students, many schools, as made mandatory by the government, have counsellors and special educators. These counsellors help students in their overall mental wellbeing, whereas Special Educators help in case the student lacks in studies.

The best CBSE School in Ahmedabad follows the parameters mentioned above. Visit the school and take a detailed tour of the premises, talk to the staff and the faculty. Decide once you and your child are reasonably satisfied, to enrol in the right CBSE board school in Ahmedabad.

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Reflecting On the CBSE Approach to Revolutionize Education in India

CBSE Schools In Gujarat, India

CBSE Schools In Gujarat, India
Education is the building block that decides your future. The knowledge you consume early on helps you face challenges and tap on opportunities that come your way in the following days.
Thus, parents need to be mindful about the school they choose for their children. Even though multiple education boards are active, it will prove beneficial to turn to the CBSE approach to learning.

There are multiple reasons to back our opinion, which we will be discussing today. But, meanwhile, if you are shortlisting a good CBSE school, we are proud to announce that we are one of the top CBSE Schools in Gujarat.

Relying on the CBSE Approach to revolutionize education in India:

Vast & Upgraded Syllabus:
If you wish to focus on the holistic development of children, then it helps to expose them to a vast basket of knowledge.

Furthermore, CBSE Syllabus is revised periodically to keep up with the changing trends and upgrades. The changes prevent children from falling back in the race to learn new things that evolve in real life.

Balanced Education:
Education is incomplete when the grading is based purely on academics. Instead, children need encouragement to explore different areas of growth.

In the case of the CBSE board, grades are a result of academic and extra-curricular performance. This factor reduces the pressure on students, who then open up to the idea of multi-fold learning.

Focus on Quality:
Quality is essentially an inseparable part of each of our lives. This focus holds significance in the field of education as well.

CBSE education focuses on creating a quality learning environment that allows children to excel and thrive. The idea is to adopt an easy-going and child-centric approach towards learning. As one of the leading Schools in Ahmedabad, we make sure to do justice in this area.

Countrywide Consistency:
Generally, children’s education suffers because they have to shift base. This attribute is true for transfers to a new city or state due to jobs. They find it difficult to adjust to the changed syllabus and the teaching

In the case of CBSE education, this woe is eliminated. We say so because CBSE education remains consistent even if you travel to a new city or state.

The purpose of education is not just to help students sail through their school years but prepare them to add value to their future.

With this in mind, CBSE education is designed in such a manner that it can guide children wanting to pursue higher education. In addition, it also helps children planning to appear for competitive examinations like JEE or NEET.

All-round betterment:
CBSE education aims to aid children’s physical and mental growth. Therefore, emphasis is placed on sports, which contributes to the child’s physical fitness and activeness.

This balance refreshes children’s minds and brings them out of the chaos. It also helps them to think clearly. So naturally, most parents wish this for their children, making the CBSE approach a go-to wing of education.

CBSE Board – The Future of Indian Education:

As of January 2022, there are 26284 CBSE schools in India. Most parents are opening up to admitting their children to CBSE schools.

Considering the many advantages offered by the CBSE board, parents will seldom have differing opinions with better education options for their child. Moreover, if you would like to see your child in a happier space, not having to mug up information from books, then the CBSE board is the way to go. After all, theoretical learning alone is not education, practical infusions are equally important.

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Smart Ways to Help Your Child Learn Better

Top 5 CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad - Udgam School For Children

Top 5 CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad - Udgam School For Children

Learning has a lot to do with exposure to new concepts and perspectives. For children to open up to the idea of learning, it is vital to adopt measures they enjoy being a part of. It is worth noting that education and learning, when forceful, cannot reap the desired results.

Thus, the need of the hour is to turn to intelligent ways that can help children learn better. Today, we will be unveiling some of the go-to ways worth trying.

As a part of the Top 5 CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad, we often experiment and explore learning methodologies that can help children progress in the direction to success.

Ways to help children in learning better:

  • Encourage Dialogue:

Children love learning in an interactive environment. However, when knowledge is imparted in one-way communication, children can lose interest.

Contrary to this, when children are allowed to ask questions or express their viewpoints, they get more involved. Their participation ensures a ready opportunity to learn better.

  • Use Smart Tools:

Gone are the days when children were happy with the traditional learning format. Instead, today’s children are interested in learning through interactive whiteboards, LCDs, projectors, and audio-visual tools.

As a part of Ahmedabad Top 10 Schools, we are certain about remaining up-to-date with the ongoing trends. With this, we can offer our students nothing short of the best.

  • Infuse Practical Experiences:

Learning is an apt mix of theoretical knowledge backed by practical experiences. While theory takes time to evolve, it is easier to imbibe practical references.

Thus, learning can be made meaningful by adding a touch of reality to the teachings. It is a great idea to make children step out of the classroom’s four walls to explore new dimensions of learning.

  • Stress on Reading:

Even though textbooks offer insights into various concepts, it is not possible to go into the depth of each. Thus, to help children learn better, they should be encouraged to read beyond textbooks.

If a particular concept intrigue them, they can research deeper to find out more. Many a time, these answers are available in books.

As a reputed CBSE school in the Ahmedabad School List, we make sure that our students get access to a well-maintained library. Through this library, they can read more and widen their learning horizon.

  • Put Grades Secondary:

Children have an urge to learn but are often under tremendous pressure to pass with flying colours. This factor leads to a shift in focus from learning only to securing good grades.

The need is to put such an attitude on the backseat. Having done so, children can learn without any force or pressure. After all, free learning often leads to desirable results.

Learning is a process – Keep your children backed:

It is good to link learning with an outcome. The only difference is such a linkage should be with long-term goals.

A short-term goal is something like ranking first in class. Say you mug up the text, appear for the exams, and rank first. However, there is no value-addition to your learning curve.

Contrary to this, a long-term goal is something more relevant. Let us say something like widening your knowledge basket. When you aim for this, you take more effort. Moreover, you enjoy a lasting outcome.

Also, learning is not a one-time activity. It is a continuous process. Thus, it is always good to experiment with new learning ideologies to keep children hooked to learning.

As part of the Ahmedabad Top 10 School list, we ensure that we can help children learn better by opting to enjoy the process.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Should Choose A CBSE School for Their Child

Top Reasons Why Choose CBSE School for Their Child

Top Reasons Why Choose CBSE School for Their Child

Being a parent is perhaps the most valuable responsibility in the world. All parents want to do and want the very best for their children. The present and future of the child depend upon a good upbringing and a strong foundation. The foundation needs to be sound and enriching. Schools are the institutions that build the foundation; hence, choosing the right school for your child is critical for the parents. While selecting the right school for your child, along with the general considerations like – the educational standards, the faculty, the infrastructure, etc., the education board the school is affiliated with must also be considered. For example, English medium schools have various affiliate boards like – CBSE, ICSE or the state board. As you are aware, most of the top schools in the country are CBSE schools.

Choosing the CBSE board would be the best decision you will make for the comprehensive development of your child. The curriculum of all CBSE schools in Gujarat is structured on the board’s national guidelines. A versatile and extensive syllabus focuses on the all-round holistic development of the students.

We have listed 5 features of the CBSE board and why you should choose a CBSE affiliated school for your child.


  1. Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE has a globally recognised syllabus with 21 nations partnering with the CBSE board. The predominant premise of their syllabus is a well-rounded education for students. The approach is all-inclusive, where sports, activities and social awareness are as important as academia, resulting in a globally aware and confident individual. The CBSE board traverses the entire sub-continent and many other countries, making it easier for students to transition in case of their parents’ transfers from post to post. There are about 8000 CBSE affiliated schools in India, making the syllabus more inclusive and progressive in its approach.
  1. Qualified Faculty: With syllabus at par with the global education community, as per the board’s guidelines, the schools ensure optimal training of highly qualified teachers. Based on these guidelines, an ideal CBSE board school in Ahmedabad has a friendly and secure environment. Our teachers teach and nurture the students by allowing them the space to express themselves, developing a sense of enquiry and self–confidence, being compassionate towards others and being aware of the world and other cultures. Hard work and discipline are the pillars for success, and our teachers encourage the students to study and work hard without any fear of failure. A very balanced equivocal environment where all students are equal and are encouraged to treat each other as equals.
  1. Balance of academics and co-curricular activities: CBSE well- researched and designed syllabus focuses on helping a child grow into a self-assured, educated, confident human being. The co-curricular activities are designed to develop the multiple facets of the human mind, resulting in the broader perspective and approach towards studies, social interactions and life in general, and nurturing their natural talent. Each activity has been selected carefully for this purpose.
  1. Excursion trips: CBSE schools regularly have excursion trips for the students both within and outside the city. The excursions help bring out their sense of adventure and wonder. We were making them more self-reliant and independent, along with connecting with nature, our culture and history.
  1. Course & Marking System: CBSE board being a centralised board, has a relatively flexible marking system than the other boards. The well-researched and curated course books, in partnership with NCERT, are planned to make the academic syllabus easy to teach and comprehend.

In today’s fast-paced world where numbers and winning seem to have become most important, an individual is often overlooked. An ideal school should establish a strong foundation for a child to build on to achieve the essential human need of satisfaction and happiness. At the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad, we build solid foundations and global citizens who can step out in the world as confident and well-rounded, educated human beings.

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