Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Should Choose A CBSE School for Their Child

Top Reasons Why Choose CBSE School for Their Child

Top Reasons Why Choose CBSE School for Their Child

Being a parent is perhaps the most valuable responsibility in the world. All parents want to do and want the very best for their children. The present and future of the child depend upon a good upbringing and a strong foundation. The foundation needs to be sound and enriching. Schools are the institutions that build the foundation; hence, choosing the right school for your child is critical for the parents. While selecting the right school for your child, along with the general considerations like – the educational standards, the faculty, the infrastructure, etc., the education board the school is affiliated with must also be considered. For example, English medium schools have various affiliate boards like – CBSE, ICSE or the state board. As you are aware, most of the top schools in the country are CBSE schools.

Choosing the CBSE board would be the best decision you will make for the comprehensive development of your child. The curriculum of all CBSE schools in Gujarat is structured on the board’s national guidelines. A versatile and extensive syllabus focuses on the all-round holistic development of the students.

We have listed 5 features of the CBSE board and why you should choose a CBSE affiliated school for your child.


  1. Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE has a globally recognised syllabus with 21 nations partnering with the CBSE board. The predominant premise of their syllabus is a well-rounded education for students. The approach is all-inclusive, where sports, activities and social awareness are as important as academia, resulting in a globally aware and confident individual. The CBSE board traverses the entire sub-continent and many other countries, making it easier for students to transition in case of their parents’ transfers from post to post. There are about 8000 CBSE affiliated schools in India, making the syllabus more inclusive and progressive in its approach.
  1. Qualified Faculty: With syllabus at par with the global education community, as per the board’s guidelines, the schools ensure optimal training of highly qualified teachers. Based on these guidelines, an ideal CBSE board school in Ahmedabad has a friendly and secure environment. Our teachers teach and nurture the students by allowing them the space to express themselves, developing a sense of enquiry and self–confidence, being compassionate towards others and being aware of the world and other cultures. Hard work and discipline are the pillars for success, and our teachers encourage the students to study and work hard without any fear of failure. A very balanced equivocal environment where all students are equal and are encouraged to treat each other as equals.
  1. Balance of academics and co-curricular activities: CBSE well- researched and designed syllabus focuses on helping a child grow into a self-assured, educated, confident human being. The co-curricular activities are designed to develop the multiple facets of the human mind, resulting in the broader perspective and approach towards studies, social interactions and life in general, and nurturing their natural talent. Each activity has been selected carefully for this purpose.
  1. Excursion trips: CBSE schools regularly have excursion trips for the students both within and outside the city. The excursions help bring out their sense of adventure and wonder. We were making them more self-reliant and independent, along with connecting with nature, our culture and history.
  1. Course & Marking System: CBSE board being a centralised board, has a relatively flexible marking system than the other boards. The well-researched and curated course books, in partnership with NCERT, are planned to make the academic syllabus easy to teach and comprehend.

In today’s fast-paced world where numbers and winning seem to have become most important, an individual is often overlooked. An ideal school should establish a strong foundation for a child to build on to achieve the essential human need of satisfaction and happiness. At the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad, we build solid foundations and global citizens who can step out in the world as confident and well-rounded, educated human beings.

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