How to Choose the Best English Medium School for Your Child

Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad

Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad

A child’s journey towards building a life and a bright future begins with education. Education is the first brick in building the foundation of every individual. The quality of education primarily depends on the educational institution, and due diligence before selecting the school for your child is advisable. With the world becoming more inclusive with the fast technological innovation and advancement, the education system also has stepped up in shaping your child into a global citizen.

English being the most prominently used and spoken language worldwide, it is logical and practical to educate your child in an English Medium School. A good English medium school will teach your child to write and speak in the language with correct pronunciation and grammar.

Parents are naturally anxious while selecting the best school for their children. Knowing what to consider while scouting for the right school, will help to make the right decision. It will also assuage your worries regarding their future once your child gets admission to the school of your choice. 

The Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad should fulfil the following criteria.

Private or Public School

The common misconception about private schools is the high fee structure. Not all private schools are expensive, some private schools do provide quality education at affordable fees. Agreeably public schools have lower fee structures than private schools, but most public schools do not maintain uniform quality of education. Some public schools follow high standards of education at par with private schools. Study the choices carefully before deciding. For instance, Ahmedabad’s best school near Thaltej levies reasonable fees and offers outstanding education to students.

Selecting the Board of Education

In India, all schools must affiliate with a government recognised education board. The boards for English medium schools are CBSE, ICSE and the State board. CBSE is a centralised board with approximately 8000+ schools in the country, with a comprehensive syllabus based on global education standards. Selecting a CBSE affiliated English medium school would be most beneficial for your child as their syllabus includes and focuses on academic and co-curricular education. A multi-faceted education system is essential for the well-rounded development of your child. You can check the Ahmedabad School List to mark the schools you would like to consider.

Co-Curricular activities

The co-curricular activities of a school should be diversely enriching and backed by good trainers and the required infrastructural elements. A balanced choice of activities in the child’s formative years will help in the overall development.

Faculty and Infrastructure

A good school is not only identified by the medium of education, the affiliate board and the fee structure. A well-qualified and well-trained faculty makes all the difference between the syllabus on paper and the syllabus in practice. Teachers are parental figures and the school, a home away from home considering that the children spend a good part of their lives in schools. Thus the responsibility of raising, guiding and shaping a child is shared by both the parents/family and teachers. Check out the school faculty, ask around take references from other parents of the students. If possible, arrange for a meeting with the principal and faculty.

While you are at the school premises, check out the facilities and infrastructure promised by the school in its brochures. Check written reviews of the school along with their academic results for the past few years. An English medium school with qualified and trained teachers provides a conducive environment for your child to flourish.

Safety Measures

The safety of your child is of utmost importance. Visit the school before deciding, ask them about their safety rules and conduct. The safety measures the school invests in and follows diligently, like the CCTV surveillance, security guards in and outside the school, whether visitors are allowed unchecked inside the premises, etc. Most English medium schools follow the basic safety standards as prescribed and mandated by the government in accordance with the international safety guidelines.

Once the above factors are met with satisfaction you will have found the right school for your child.

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