How can you Choose the Best CBSE School for your Child?

Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad

Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad

Parents want the best for their children and strive hard to provide the best of facilities and education to them. Admissions to schools have become more competitive and taxing now, with the increase in population and the general competitiveness in the world, dynamic systems, quality education and the expectations come with this as part and parcel. Our country has multiple education boards, of which CBSE is the most widely spread and popular education board across India for its holistically comprehensive approach towards education. CBSE schools in Gujarat are at par with the schools in metropolitan cities with their quality of education because of the uniformity of the board’s curriculum and well-designed system followed by all schools affiliated with the CBSE board.

The admissions for the new session are active at present and choosing the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad can be a perplexing decision. Even though the schools follow the CBSE board curriculum, their mode of education and activities offered can differ in quality, effectiveness and child’s connectivity to the system.

Thus, choosing the right fit for your child is important by understanding the parameters you should look for while looking for a school for your child.

1. Past Performance and Reputation: Beginning the search for the right school for your child by doing research is a sensible and important step. The availability of the internet has made researching easier, search for past academic results – covering past few years. Read up on the school’s performance in sports and activities at various inter-school competitions. Read the reviews by both parents and students, and you can also ask around in your area or community to talk to the parents and students personally. This will not only provide insight into the extent of the curriculum being followed but also the quality of academics, sports and activities being offered at the school.

2. Modes of Education: CBSE stresses both – theoretical and practical modes of education, as the system is based on the belief system of providing practical knowledge and experience for an in-depth growth of the students. The two-pronged approach helps prepare the students to face real life with a hands-on practical understanding with the development of lateral thinking which is important to make children logical and goal-oriented. The school must have the facility and practise for practical education with well-appointed laboratories, library, regular excursion trips, on-field education – ably overseen and conducted by a qualified and trained faculty. Multi-disciplinary learning is important.

3. Infrastructure and facilities: A well-appointed and functioning infrastructure adds to the quality and atmosphere of the school. The state-of-the-art facilities help in making teaching and learning more interesting and pleasant yet providing a secure sense of well-being and care to the students and faculty alike. Also check if the school authorities are vested in maintaining their infrastructure on regular basis, as shoddy gadgets and buses can compromise safety apart from making learning an unpleasant experience.

4. Diversity: Exposure to students from varying walks of life, cultures and communities enlightens the children to a wider perspective and understanding, inculcating acceptance and compassion which are imperative for finding the foundation of a sensible individual and citizen. This exposure also adds to the learning by introducing children to the multi-cultural secular diversity of our country. As per government directives, it is mandatory for schools to have 25% seats for children from the lower strata whose education is sponsored by the schools and states. The inter-mingling of multiple strata is important for a comprehensive and intensive development of children as aware individuals and citizens.

5. Fee structure as per FRC: The school must adhere to the fee structure set by the CBSE board. Some schools are known to add extra costs to the fee and also charge through the academic year for various in-house activities. Check the expenses involved and choose a school that takes education seriously and does not prioritise the institution as a business venture.

6. Security: The times we live in call for a good security system in place in the schools. Schools are second homes for the children where they should feel safe and secure. Assure the sincerity and stringiness of the security protocols followed by the school both within the school buildings, transport system, within the premises and the area around the school. It is always best to be vigilant and exacting when it comes to safety standards.

7. Well-being of the students – Some schools care for the overall well-being of the students. While some schools may have in-house clinics to provide instant care to students, many schools, as made mandatory by the government, have counsellors and special educators. These counsellors help students in their overall mental wellbeing, whereas Special Educators help in case the student lacks in studies.

The best CBSE School in Ahmedabad follows the parameters mentioned above. Visit the school and take a detailed tour of the premises, talk to the staff and the faculty. Decide once you and your child are reasonably satisfied, to enrol in the right CBSE board school in Ahmedabad.

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