Procedure for High School Admission in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad High School Admission Procedure

Ahmedabad High School Admission Procedure

Of all the boards, CBSE is one of the finest boards in our country, as it has a comprehensive and well-designed curriculum covering all necessary aspects for the holistic development of the students.

Now that you have zeroed in on the right CBSE school for your child, the next step is the admissions. Knowing the proper process for admissions beforehand will prepare you to address and be ready with all the required details and documents to avoid any surprise requirements catching you unaware. Check the government guidelines regarding the eligible age for the child’s admission and begin the admission process accordingly and following the guidelines.

Ahmedabad high school admission process is relatively easy and more so with the schools guiding and counselling you through the process. The basic procedure for admission in high school, both pre-admission and during admission, are as follows:

  • Fill the Registration Form: Study the school’s website and fill out the registration form. The admission team will then contact you and help you with the further process.
  • Interaction: The admission department will fix an appointment with the Admissions Committee for the interaction, the basis on which the shortlisting will be done. Interaction is mandatory to assess the child’s knowledge level, as the committee can dually advise the best learning process for the child.
  • Visit the Campus: As you visit the school for the interaction, you can also ask the Admission Coordinator to take a tour of the school premises, facilities, check out the extra-curricular activities and the infrastructure supporting the activities and classrooms. You can further put all your queries and doubts to the admissions counsellor, and they will be adequately answered and resolved.
  • Admission Form: Fill in and submit the CBSE School Admission form and attach essential documents The admission form requires basic information regarding the child and the parents such as name, permanent address, birth date, contact details, parent’s qualifications and occupation.
  • Scholarship: This is also the time to check out the school’s policy and eligibility criteria on scholarships, and you can apply for a scholarship to support the child’s education. Scholarships are for deserving students based on academics, talent, sports, and students from low economic backgrounds. The schools usually have multiple scholarships offering various levels of scholarship.
  • Fee Payment: Once the admission and selection process is over and your child has procured admission in the school, it is time for depositing the fee for the 1st term. The schools have an easy payment procedure with all details of the fee structure listed for your understanding and convenience. It is always best to pay the fee at the beginning of the term to avoid any lapses or inconveniences later on.
  • Important Documents: The mandatory documents required for admission and to be attached with the admission form:
    1. Birth Certificate of the child
    2. Proof of Residential Address
    3. Passport size photograph of the child
    4. Medical Certificate from the paediatrician or family doctor.
    5. Transfer Certificate: If your child is changing schools or has moved from another city, the school will need a transfer certificate from the previous school.

Once the admission is through, prepare your child to begin going to school. The school will guide you regarding the school uniform and books, stationery etc., including any material required for the activities the child has opted for or part of the child’s annual curriculum.

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