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Electricity can be a warm friend and a fiery foe. Due to electric power at home we can eat, read, sleep, bathe and entertain ourselves. The flipside is that electricity can cause electrocution and even fire, leading to accidents and deaths. Since our homes are equipped with electricity, we should practice safety tips while making use of this boon.












In the living room

  • The cords should not be trailing on the ground to avoid tripping and chances of electric shock
  • Even the furniture should not be kept on the cords
  • Sockets should be covered when not in use
  • Extension cords should be for temporary use only and put away after each use
  • Electric heaters should have ISI certification and should be kept away from paper and fabric
  • The television, DVD players and the music systems should kept in dry and spacious areas with plenty of airflow


In the kitchen        

  • Use electric appliances as per directions and put them away when not in use
  • The cords of the appliances should not come in contact with hot surfaces
  • The appliances should be kept as far away from the sink as possible
  • Oven and microwave should be kept on higher areas
  • All sockets should be in dry areas and away from water


In the bathroom            

  • Be careful while using electric geysers and switch them off when not in use
  • Avoid using immersion rods for heating water
  • Ensure that the water from the shower is not spilling on any electric light
  • Do not use appliances like electric razor or hair dryer in the bathroom
  • If possible avoid using the sockets in the bathroom and keep them covered



In the bedroom

  • Check the lamps and appliances for safety
  • Do not let electric cords trail on the ground
  • Use the air conditioner with care and sparingly
  • Sockets that are not in use should be covered
  • Warm up the child’s bedroom before bed time and switch off the room heater when he or she goes to bed


Children should be taught to use electricity with care. They should be made aware about the dangers related to using power. A few safety measures can even be put up in the form of a note on your child’s desk.

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