Exams are just round the corner and one can find kids sitting down with their books more often now. There are lesser kids to be seen at play and more at work. Now kids spend long hours at learning and revising and even praying for good grades! Mere studying is not enough; concentration is the key. Concentration makes a major difference and might just make that wee bit of difference in enhancing your grades by a notch or two. 

Improve your attention span

It is very important that you should not lose focus on the subject at hand. Your mind is very volatile and is capable of being at many places at the same time. You need to stop your mind from wandering and pay attention to one topic at a time. Do not try your hand at multi-tasking when you are studying for your exams. Do not think of other topics you need to look up or other subjects. Pick one topic at a time and give it your full span of attention.

Environment makes a difference

The place where you sit and study is very important and makes you concentrate more. You should have a particular place to sit and study. Be sure that the place is not cluttered with books and other items. Also ensure that the place is not noisy or too open. Studying in the TV room or with music blaring is not a good idea. Also avoid using the laptop unless absolutely required as you may be diverted from your main objective.

Control your desires

Nowadays most children are avid television viewers; and unfortunately some are inseparable from cartoons and serials. Breaking this habit would definitely help to gain more control over the mind. Those who are into social media like facebook and watsapp may find it difficult to let a day go by without checking their messages. The urge to check the new messages can be easily curbed by switching off your phone during the weeks before examinations. This will go a long way in calming down your brain and making you focus more on studies.

Read more

By reading I don’t mean your text books and notes. Whenever you are free and would like a break from studies, read the newspaper or works of fiction. This will help you to focus better without diverting your mind from studies.

Write down points to remember

It has been seen that concentrating on reading your book or notes is not possible for a long period of time. In fact some kids feel sleepy when they gaze at print for sometime. It is a good idea to jot down points as you learn. This will help you remember better while improving your spellings.

Go for a walk

Remaining indoors all day and studying is not ideal for your brain. Take a break in between and go for a stroll. Watch the activities going on around you. Jog for sometime to ensure that you remain physically fit too. You brain will gets its much needed oxygen to function better.

Concentration enhancing techniques:

The following techniques have been tried and tested to improve concentration among children.

1.    Stare at a burning candle- The age old technique is actually very effective in improving concentration. Light a candle and stare at it for about 20 minutes from some distance away. Observe the little movements of the flame and let your mind go blank as you watch.

2.    Sit still – Sit at a calm and quiet place and stay undisturbed for about 15 minutes. Listen to the sounds around you. Focus on your breathing. Try not to think of anything in particular. Simply sit and meditate.

All the best!

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