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Poem by Preksha

Lament of a Poor Girl

My house is small

And the world's big,

I want to fly like a bird

And soar the blue sky.


I neither go to school

Nor do I study,

But I go to clean a place

Where my stern mistress stays.


My mistress has a daughter

And she lives like a princess.

She spends time window shopping

While I am home busy mopping.


She wears lovely dresses and gowns

Later which I get as hand-me-downs,

She goes everywhere in a car

But I ride bicycle with brakes ajar.


I too wish to go through such a stage

A life of riches, rubies and diamonds shining,

But no one's around in this rain

To hear a poor girl’s melancholic strain.



Demo on Appreciating Indian Music and Tabla

A session was arranged for students of Std.VIII on ‘Appreciating Indian Music and Tabla’ on 11th April, 2012. It was conducted by Mr.Rajiv Bhatt. He explained the theoretical parts with the help of a presentation. Mr.Bhatt was accompanied by his son, Soham (An Udgam Student) who gave the Tabla demonstration. The session was interactive, wherein students actively participated in the Q&As. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. In fact three of our students played tabla and received a loud round of applause from their fellow mates, teachers and the guest himself.

Results of 2nd IEO

2nd International English Olympiad was held in January 2012. Following are the school toppers.  Toppers of classes II to X got medal and certificates and those of XI and XII were awarded certificates.

Std/Div Name Std/Div Name
II Dhairya Banker VIII-B Saumya Shah
III Aamanya Patel IX-B Shriraj Gandhi
IV Arjun Tahilramani X-A Adit Munshi
V Vanshika Thakur XI-B Krupali Shah
VI- A Manya Desai XII-B Venkatesh Iyer
VII-A Aarya Shah    

Mst. Venkatesh Iyer of Std.XII secured 59th position in International ranking.

Best Teacher Award

Ms. Radhika Iyer, Principal – Udgam School has been awarded as ‘BEST TEACHER’ in Gujarat State Category for the 2nd International English Olympiad. IEO is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation in collaboration with The English And Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. Over 20000 schools from more than 1000 cities competed for this category. The selection was done by the Academic Council on the basis of :

a) The total number of participating students from a school.
b) The performance of participating students from a school.

Step towards Greener Earth

Conservation of Environment has always been Udgam’s prime motto. The school has left no stone unturned to initiate efforts that lead to a better environment. We at Udgam have introduced projects such as Rainwater harvesting, using Eco-friendly construction material, Waste management, paperless data storing and communication and many more to name. Our responsibility towards environment is not restricted to school and extends towards society at large.

As a part of this environment and social responsibility, Udgam has joined hands with, set up by Pradip Shah, founder of CRISIL. Started in June 2010, the organization has been successful in attracting 50 companies and few thousand individuals to plant trees to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or honour the employees. Udgam too plants trees to celebrate birthday of its teaching and non-teaching staff and students. They receive certificates mentioning the place where the tree is planted in the name of individual.