The Udgam School Annual Teachers Conference was held on 6th June 2015 in Courtyard Marriott. It was a day of motivation, learning, laughter and recognition. The program began early in the day and was attended by the School Trustees, Directors, Principal, Vice Principals and all teachers and staff. Mrs. Priti Sakhadeo, Supervisor of Middle School, was the anchor for the day and took the audience through the day’s events. The day began with the lighting of the lamp which was followed by a recap of the ‘Year that was’ by the school Executive Director Sri Manan Choksi. Next on agenda were the Plans for the Year presentation by teachers and staff of various sections of the school. The groups spoke at length about challenges and changes in education which they ably presented with PPTs. Eminent educationist Sri. Rajabhai Pathak and school trustee Sri Gautam Choksi inspired the teachers with their motivational talks. The next event involved plenty of laughter not without a fair quota of meaningful onslaughts by noted Gujarati Hasya Kavi Sri Sairam Dave. 
This was followed by a sumptuous lunch spread out with plenty of socializing and catching up among the teachers and staff who are just back from a month long vacation. The hour after lunch was an entertaining one with popular Radio Jockey Dhvanit who mesmerized the audience with his ever entertaining talk and songs. The main topic he spoke around was ‘How to engage the audience?’ and he is the right person to speak on this topic. This also helped teachers to pick out ways to keep the class an engaging one. 
Sri Manan Choksi then made a presentation which inspired the teachers to find solutions to problems they face at classroom level. Next was Employee Recognition and Motivation through awards to those who had proved themselves to be a shade better than their colleagues this year. 
This was indeed a day for the 350 strong teachers and staff of Udgam School who enjoyed a lavish quota of discussion, fun and food.