In a special assembly a competition was organised among all sections of Class X, where in groups they had to illustrate India's rich heritage and treasures on charts in their expressive manner, using their skills in a given time period.

The four sub titles under the heading ' My Country' were given to each group-
1. Indian movies which spreads a message in our life.
2. Sports and games originated and being played in India.
3. Staple food of different states or their capitals. 
4. Famous personatities of India.

Winners of the competition in each category are-
1st category i.e 'Indian Movies ' – X. A 
2nd category i.e 'Sports of India' – X -E
3rd category i.e ' Staple food of different states or their capitals'- X. E.
4th category i.e 'Famous Personatities of India' – X.B

Best charts were honoured by our Principal. These chartshave been displayed on the soft boards of our school.

At the end Nitya Bothra and Salonee Shukla from Class X shared their experience.

The Life Skills Educator Mrs. Neha Manghani spoke about the talent of the students.
The assembly concluded with a musical presentation by Chahat Thakor and Daivam Nagecha.