IIHM Cooking Competition

Our students of class 7 and teachers cooked up a storm at the IIHM cooking competition. 25 students and 7 teachers participated in the competition, who were asked to bring any one dish from the category of starter, main course and dessert. The array of dishes prepared by our participants ranged from traditional ones like ‘Winter Special: Pend’, ‘Mohanthal’, ‘Shahi Custard Pudding’ to French Dish like “le pain farci au bol with Mint Mojito”, Mexican dish – ‘Burrito bowl’, Italian Pizza . Each dish had a twist of originality by the participant. The judges from Indian Institute of Hotel Management were simply awe-struck looking at the spread and the ones that caught their utmost interest were the layered chocolate cake and the chocolate walnut tart with fresh cream. Overall, it was an enjoyable and a yummy feat!