Mart Activity for Grade II Students

Money is an important concept that must be introduced to children at a young age because even if the best things may come for free; but we need money for most things. With interesting activities, we can help the young learners strengthening their money skills and enable them to apply them in real life situation. As a part of the Arith activity for students of Grade II, a mart activity was arranged for them. To give our students an almost real shopping experience, the mini mart consisted of many common items that they can relate to. The entire class was divided into groups and each group had two students. They were given a shopping list and handed some fake notes and were then asked to shop from the mart on their own. Some students played the role of a sales person at the billing counter. Many students were able to add the cost of their billed items orally and collected the change from the counter. Shopping at the ‘Udgam mart’ was an enjoyable activity for all the students.