“Don’t allow the perception of others to become your reality”. 
A session of inspiring talk by Wing Commander Rajneesh Lakhanpal was arranged for the students of Class IX in the school auditorium. Wg Com Lakhanpal began by explaining to the students about our fundamental duties in life and towards our country along with the relevance of the Preamble. He recounted simple anecdotes about great men who have left their impression behind in the form of huge achievements. This included people from all wakes of life like scientists, artists, sportsmen and even business magnates. The stories about people who faced opposition and made it big amidst much struggle enthralled the children. He spoke about the need to wonder, think and radiate by asking them a few simple questions. He spoke about the fact that each one of us is an infinite storehouse of energy and stressed on the importance of self reliance. The above quote by him and his inspirational talk has surely motivated our students to go on a soul searching spree. The talk was followed by a question hour session.