Preserve Earth, Preserve Life!

Preserve Earth, Preserve Life! Our planet Earth is a magnificent planet for it sustains life. It has an abundance of water, oxygen and other natural resources that make it possible for multiple ecosystems to thrive and flourish. However, factors such as deforestation and urbanization have led to global warming, deteriorating the richness of life that the planet provides. Earth day is a global annual day celebrated on 22nd April since 1970 to protect the environment and save earth. The aim of this event is to inspire people for earth’s healthy environment. McConnell, Nelson, and Hayes all continue to be strong environmental advocates long after Earth Day was founded, who spoke of raising public awareness of environmental issues plaguing earth and taking corrective environmental actions. On wake of the Global Earth Day, you could do your bit by any of the following ways: • Spread word about global warming • Plant a tree • Save oceans • Conserve water • Conserve electricity • Keep the surrounding clean • Go for a nature walk with family & friends • Become an environmental educator • Do your part to reduce pollution • Reuse and promote using recycled products. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and to bring the awareness amongst the children about “How to save our Earth”, Udgam School for Children organized an activity for students of Grade 5. Students displayed their creativity by designing beautiful posters and writing meaningful messages regarding saving the environment. The students who portrayed fantastically were applauded with appreciation certificates.