Every year this day is celebrated to commemorate the mother of all languages. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Shri Tej Narayan Jha of ‘Akhandanand Ayurved College’, Ahmedabad.
The program began with the melodious chanting of hymns in Sanskrit. This was followed by a Shloka recitation competition by students of Class VI and VII. The young students enthralled the audience with their beautiful rendering of verses from the Bhagwad Gita, Devi Bhagwatam, Yajur Veda and the Rig Veda.
Students of Class VIII enacted a skit on ‘Subhashitani’ stressing the importance of inculcating virtues and values in our lives.
This was followed by a Shloka chanting competition in which students of classes VIII and IX recited Krishnaashtakam, Bhujangaashtakam, Mahishasurmardini, captivating the audience.
Last but not the least, there was a quiz on Indian Mythology in which everyone enthusiastically took part. Students of classes VIII and IX conducted the quiz.
The events were anchored perfectly by students of class IX.
The programme concluded with a speech in Sanskrit by Shri Tej Narayan Jha wherein he emphasized the increasing relevance of Sanskrit and its global importance.
After the prize distribution function, Sanskrit Day came to a close with the Vote of Thanks delivered by a student of Std VI.

The winners of the Shloka Recitation Competition are-

Junior Group  
Name of StudentClassRank
Kusha Pandya7 – GFirst
Pratham Sharma7-GSecond
Vedant Parikh6-FThird


Senior Group
Name of StudentClassRank
Ayushi Menon 9-EFirst
Harshal Oza8-ESecond
Yash Hurra8-FThird