Social Studies Subject Enrichment Activity (Std-VII)

Have you ever wondered how your favourite leather jacket came into existence? Or why cashmere costs so much? Or Why your grandmother hoards her collection of handloom sarees?
The students of standard VII were taken on a journey of discovery through their subject enrichment activity which focussed on the creation of a garment. The project was designed in a way to push the students towards research and showcase the journey of any garment, be it a pair of socks or a designer frock, Nalli saree or a Gucci evening gown.

Students displayed the project on A3 size paper with a pictorial graph and then created an interesting advertisement for the product. The advertisement was meant to entice people into buying the product and to avail the on-season discounts as provided by the students.
This entire activity also highlighted the chain of markets and emphasized the role of a retailer in converting a product into a successful brand. Children were taught how the utility of a product is derived from the various players of the economy, i.e. cultivators, weavers’ merchants, traders and is finally delivered to the end-users.
Children were able to comprehend the power of advertisement over a gullible consumer and understood the tricks of the trade. They realised how equality in markets is a myth and the fact that the original creators of a product seldom get the opportunity to use their very creation.

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