Teachers Training

A training was conducted for the Middle Section Teachers by the Principal, Ms. Radhika Iyer and the Vice-Principal of the Middle Section, Mrs. Noopur Desai.  The topic was ‘How to Prepare an Effective Worksheet’.  While all teachers are familiar with worksheets and they have become an integral part of teaching at Udgam, it is very important to make them interesting and educative.  Firstly, the Principal advised the teachers to be clear about the objective of the worksheet and what outcome they expect – whether it is for practice, revision, teaching or extra content. Then she enumerated the characteristics of a good worksheet, the content and also the format like spacing, font size, punctuation marks, heading and sub-heading.  She stressed that the content should not go against our values or sensibilities.  Most importantly, they should avoid spelling mistakes. Specimen worksheets were shown to the teachers.


Apart from worksheets, the training also included discussion on effective use of blackboard. The Vice-Principal gave some tips on the use of black board – to write in an orderly manner, to take care of spelling and capital and small letters and write legibly.  


On the whole, the session was a learning experience for all the teachers as they shared their views.