We all crave to live the life before COVID. The empty premises have given mental and financial downfall to everyone. Schools, businesses, restaurants, malls & offices, each want to overcome this new normal and resume the old normal. However, the possibility of this will be when we all come together and fight for our freedom from COVID.  

Government is taking a lot of steps towards awareness of COVID and vaccination. As responsible citizens, let us cooperate with the authority and worked towards the sole goal, that is normalizing the situation.  

Reports reveal that post-vaccination COVID has helped an individual stay safe from the severe effects of the disease and has shown no records of mortality. Hence, we appeal all our parents to get fully vaccinated before the third wave dives in. 

Thus, to encourage vaccination, we, being one of the Top CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad India, declare a campaign, ‘#Vaccination4Education’. By this campaign, we request all our parents to get vaccinated with both doses by considering it a priority. All the classes, in which all the parents will get fully vaccinated on or before 31st October 2021, will get a fee waiver of 5% in the annual fees. The objective of incentivizing the campaign is to motivate our parents to take the vaccine. 

So, roll your sleeves and join our campaign #Vaccination4Education. Remember, a healthy you will shield the health of your child from COVID.  

Parents are requested to upload their vaccination certificate once they are fully vaccinated. The link to upload the vaccine certificate is already sent to our parents and you can check the statistics on http://zmx.360.myftpupload.com/vaccination4education-campaign

Let us all work to get everything back in the routine. 

Let us all come forward and take the vaccine. 

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