Visit to School for Blind Girls

The students of Class IX were taken to Andh Kanya Mandal, a school for blind children as a part of their school project. The Udgam students were simply amazed by the resilience of the blind students. Inspite of their disability, they were not debilitated in any way. Apart from regular studies, the children are given training in various vocations. They are taught to make lovely diyas, rakhees, bands and even spin cloth. Their written instruction is in Braille and several teachers are blind too. Their recreation time is spent in front of the television, in singing songs or going out to play in the play park behind which has figures of animals to familiarise them with different life forms. The Udgam students interacted with the Andh Kanya students and came back with lessons on positivity and self reliance which they had learnt from real life situations.