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Joy of Giving Celebrated by Udgamites [Class 8]

Joy of Giving Celebrated by Udgamites [Class 8] Students of class 8, Udgam School organized a heartwarming event in the school auditorium, wherein they invited 40 children from Thaltej Municipal School. The little ones were delighted to visit the Udgam School campus and enjoyed themselves playing different games like musical chair, dog and the bone, stomp the balloons etc. with each other. The little winners of each game were thrilled to receive exciting prizes from the principal, vice-principal and supervisor. The celebration for the children of Thaltej Municipal School continued with lots of gifts, yummy treats and lovely music. This benevolent initiative was beautifully executed and also funded by the young students of Udgam, who with the guidance of their teachers made the day of the less fortunate children of our society, filling it with so much of love, fun and warmth. The event was very well coordinated that not only exhibited the students’ interpersonal skills but also their enhanced skill in empathy. Nothing beats the joy of giving, after all! #joyofgiving #empathy #Udgamschool #Udgamites #charityeven

Nature Walk to Vasant Care – Class 2

Nature Walk to Vasant Care – Class 2 As the students of class 2 studied about ‘Plant Life’ in ES, so to strengthen their concepts, our teachers took them to Vasant Nature cure for a walk! Students were so excited to see different vegetables like bottle gourd, okra, snake gourd, cluster beans etc. which are commonly seen around and are consumed too. Apart from these, the little learners observed how plants and vegetation are grown organically. Such visual stimulation in tandem with the classroom lessons definitely aid in the learning process.

K.D. Marathon Finishers!

Proud to announce that our student Aum Thakker of 6 F came first , followed by Priyam Brahmkshatriya of 8 C who came 2nd and Arindam Singh of 4 E who stood 5th in K.D. marathon. Check the pictures of our champions and all the other students and teachers/staff with their medals as they finished the K.D. Marathon. Marathon has several benefits – physical and mental both! We encourage more and more people to lead an active life to stay fit and healthy. Registrations for Bsafal marathon is open. You may contact Ishita at for details!

Udgam Model Parliament 2.0

Udgam Model Parliament 2.0 This year on Hindi Diwas, Home minister, Shri Amit Shah sought in a speech ‘a common language that becomes the mark of India’s identity globally’ and debated on the assigning status of “The National language” to an official language, Hindi, as recognized in Part XVII of Indian constitution, which has been source of constant conflict. The debate found its way to the Udgam Model Parliament 2.0, held on 23rd October,2019 ,as the agenda of Lok Sabha – ‘Hindi and the Concept of National Language’. Students of Class 8 to 11 were involved in the Udgam Model parliament event. Students of 12 were the members of the secretariat and heads of committee. Mr. Amol Sharma , from the Institute of Law, Nirma University was invited for the event and was the speaker of Lok sabha for Udgam Model Parliament 2.0.The opening ceremony was addressed by the Organizing committee and the Speaker of Lok Sabha who warmly boosted the confidence of delegates and gave them an idea of Rules of Procedure of the Lok Sabha and his expectations from them. The aim and objective of this model parliament was to sensitize our students to the socio-political scenario and give them an experience of the parliamentary protocol. #UdgamModelParliament #Modelparliament #MUN #Udgamites #Udgamschool

English Activity on Special Pets – Class 5

English Activity on Special Pets – Class 5 Considering the fact that most children are innately fascinated by animal, a special English activity was organized for students of 5. Children were asked to collect pictures and information about unusual or not so common animals that we see around us. Further they were asked to project ideas about the influence of the particular if they had it as a pet. Children wholeheartedly participated in the activity and shared interesting information that was enjoyed by all.

Happy Faces at K.D Marathon

As an institution, it’s our responsibility to generate awareness to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. For KD marathon, that was held on 10.11.2019, we had encouraged our students, teachers/staff and parent community to take part in the event and run for a cause. We are delighted to see so many enthusiastic participants who registered through us and reached the finishing line, well within time. Kudos to all the participants. See the happy , energetic faces in the pictures below : #Udgamites #zebarites #Marathon #Runners #KDmarathon #Fitnessforlife #Healthylifestyle

Mythology Quiz for Students of Class IX and X

A quiz contest was organized for students of class 9 and 10 on mythology. The 5 teams were Matsya ,Kurma,Varah, Narasimha and Vaman ( based on Dashavatar), each of which participated with full enthusiasm. There were different rounds like rapid fire, identifying respective vaahans of Gods, recognizing scenes and shlokas and more. Audience also got the chance to answer questions and won chocolates in return. The winning team was Vaaman and the runner up title was bagged by team Kurma. Our Principal, Ms. Sujata Tandon, awarded the certificates to the winning teams and encouraged the students to keep reading and enhancing their knowledge of mythology. Participants of Vaaman team: 1. PRANSHAV MIHIR LAKHIA X-D 2. DARSH RITESH PATEL IX – H 3. DARSHIT RAJESH MAHESHWARI X – F Participants of Kurma team were: 1. SHREEJA RASESHBHAI POTHIWALA X – A 2. HETVI PRATIK MEHTA X – G 3. MOKSHA KALPESH MAHESHWARI X – F

Arith Activity for Class 3

Arith Activity for Class 3 Fractions are important part of mathematics and if we simplify the concepts of fractions at an early age, it will help our students in grasping more complex lesson of algebra later on. With this objective in mind, a special activity was arranged for the students of class 3. A big square made of 25 boxes were kept and the students had to divide them according to the fractions. This was a fun activity that further strengthened their concept of divisions and fractions

Grammar Fun for Class 5 Students

Grammar Fun for Class 5 Students Extra strides are always needed to hone the grammar skills of our students. Students of class 5 enjoyed various grammar activities that strengthened various concepts such as abstract nouns, collective nouns, antonyms, prepositions , adjectives, homophones and homonyms. Check the pictures of our students having some serious grammar fun.

Students of 4th grade enjoy teaching and reading to their juniors

Students of 4th grade enjoy teaching and reading to their juniors Our 4th graders enjoyed another fun-filled activity as a part of their #readingchallenge. Students were divided into groups of 6 and each student was assigned a distinct role. Group wise students went to their juniors and read them stories, asked questions related to the stories and even gave them hand-made rewards. Students of class 1 and 2 were thrilled to listen to stories from their seniors and answer their questions. Through this activity, students got a first-hand experience in teaching and we are immensely happy to see that they executed their roles with full preparation and confidence. This activity will encourage our students to read more and develop healthy habits.